About us

Campania is a wonderful garden of local products.

As the Commercial Director and e-Commerce Manager of Casabufala.it, I'm a lawyer who chose good food over courtroom sessions.

It seemed like madness to me to ignore the fortune of being surrounded by such rare beauty. Fruits, vegetables, buffalo mozzarella, incredible varieties of cheeses, craft beers, wines, honey, legumes, and cured meats, with their ancient history steeped in conviviality and traditions, became my profession.

Casabufala.it is an extraordinary platform with a keen focus on the region. It's an efficient and always-active online store for sought-after products, frequented by food enthusiasts in search of culinary specialties and curiosities.

My encounter with Valentino Tafuri led to the birth of a fun and strongly identity-driven project that is the Cilentina Pizza, stemming from our love for the region and our different perspectives.

I started working as a pizza maker at the age of 13.

I was fortunate to meet a true master, the Neapolitan Gennaro Esposito, who instilled in me a love for this profession.

My pizza recipe is different from the classic Neapolitan one: in Salerno, we have been influenced by the Cilentan pizza, made in the southernmost part of the province, in Cilento, where the Mediterranean Diet originated. It involves using dough from bread with a typical topping of cooked tomato and cacioricotta cheese.

Mine is a simple pizza, as it's the pizza made at home by Cilentan housewives, drizzled with raw extra virgin olive oil and cooked as per tradition in the "ruoto" oven. Everything about it pays homage to the home cooking traditions of my land.

The Cilentan pizza is the product that represents me the most because it stems from the study I've done on baking, and it contains everything: pizza, bread, and my territory. I have a dream, and that is to elevate pizza to the next level like 4.0 technology.