How It’s Made

Cilentina Classica is a pizza made with soft wheat type 1 and type 0, topped with Cilento-style tomato sauce and Cacioricotta cheese from Cilento.
It’s the Queen of the boxes, the first one to complete the Mediterranean Diet Pizza package homemade.

What makes it special is the long maturation of the dough: after 18 hours of prefermentation, it is left to rise naturally for an additional 12 hours to complete the yeast fermentation process, which keeps the pizza light. The air bubbles trapped in the dough structure provide the right softness and digestibility to the mixture once cooked.

For the classic box’s topping, you’ll find Cilento-style tomato sauce made with “pizzutello” tomatoes from Così Com’è, a typical Campania variety with fleshy and juicy pulp. Thanks to its resistance, it’s ideal for use at high temperatures and in long cooking.

The Classic Cilentina Box, a blend of goodness and simplicity.
The choice of ingredients makes this classic pizza exceptional.


  • Pizza Base: Type 00 Flour – Traditional
  • Tomato: Cilento-style Tomato Sauce
  • Dairy: Cacioricotta Goat Cheese from Cilento



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